Jan 18

Collecting American Diecast Model Car Classics

Collecting diecast model car replicas is a hobby that offers something for just about every interest and age group.  If you are a red blooded American male, or a female for that matter, cars are something that really peak your interest.

Car shows have become wildly popular and successful, and I’m not talking about the traveling circus that is the North American Auto Show.  I’m talking about Classic Car Shows that are popping up in every city and town across America.  Some are huge and include hundreds of vintage collector cars and dozens of vendors selling parts and memorabilia.  Some are small with a dozen or more cars gathered in a parking lot or at a diner – some even feature car hop service to set the mood with roller skating waitresses and fifties music playing on outdoor sound systems!

Regardless of the type of car show, the essential component common to every event is the automobile.  America’s love affair with cars started back in the thirties and has never looked back.  There is no doubt however that the heyday of America’s car manufacturing was in the 1950s and 1960s.  This is the time when design studios and engineering departments ruled…before the era of the bean counter.  During that time, style and horsepower were king and America produced incredibly beautiful and powerful cars that are loved by generations of collectors both young and old alike.

Classic car shows, car hops and automotive get togethers are attended by millions of Americans every year.  We are society of car lovers.  Unfortunately, most of us can afford a garage full of pristine classic cars.  Luckily, that doesn’t mean that we can’t all own a car collection that our friends will envy.  It only means that our collection can be housed in display cases and can be shown off on a desk or shelf.  I’m talking of course about a scale model diecast car collection.

Diecast cars come in all shapes, sizes and styles.  So you can build a collection based on the type of cars or trucks you love, the amount of money you want to spend per car, and even the amount of space you have available to display your collection.

I’ve been collecting diecast cars for over 15 years and have a very sizable collection.  My passion is for American classics from the Fifties and vintage race cars.  When I started my collection, I had plenty of space available, so I chose to build my collection with 1:18 scale diecast replicas which happen to be on the large sized with each car about 10” to 12” long.  When I reached 300 or cars in my collection, I started buying smaller scale cars in 1:24 scale diecast which run 8” to 9” long and 1:43 scale which are 3” to 4” long.

My collection includes a lot of America’s “orphaned” marques like DeSotos, Studebakers and Packards.  Since the consolidation of the auto industry over the past 4 years, I now can include Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Plymouths and Mercurys in my orphaned category as well.

I also collect vintage fire truck diecast and historic race cars.  In fact, my collection of vintage NASCAR race cars and Indy 500 Watson roadsters are some of the coolest diecast replicas I’ve come across.

To get your collection started, I would recommend visiting a reputable company that has been in business for many years.  There are a lot of fly by night companies out there selling various diecast on eBay and other shopping sites.  But if you want to get a good feel for what’s out there while at the same time making sure that you get quality service, selection and price, I would recommend a company like http://www.valuediecast.com which has been in business for nearly 20 years selling diecast cars and many other types of unique and interesting collectibles.

So go ahead, have some fun and start building your own diecast car collection today!

Jan 10

Personally Signed by Cale Yarborough – 1968 NASCAR Mercury Cyclone

Cale Yarborough NASCAR diecast

Cale Yarborough's 1968 Mercury Cyclone NASCAR diecast model car

Collecting NASCAR diecast race cars is one of the most fun and challenging aspects of building a diecast car collection.  It is fun because NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America today and just about everybody has a favorite driver, team or sponsor.  It is challenging because there are soooo many different graphics packages used by each team and driver that it is virutally impossible, or prohibitively expensive to collect all of the different versions of a particular car…even for a single season!

That’s why I find it more rewarding to collect limited edition NASCAR race cars from the fifties, sixties and seventies.  These drivers are already legends with many having been inducted into the NASCAR HALL of FAME.  And you know that back then, a driver raced the same car all year long so the diecast race car you buy is the one that was driven for an entire season!

In addition, NASCAR does not produce cars from that period in their history unless it is historically significant.  Plus most of these drivers are still alive so you also get your hands on autographed versions that significantly enhance the collectibility of your purchase.

Arriving on January 17th, you can be the first to own a fantastic diecast model car replica of Cale Yarborough’s 1968 Mercury Cyclone.  Just released by NASCAR this month, only 300 of these cars will ever be produced with Cale’s hand-signed autograph.


Press Release:
Racing legend Cale Yarborough is one of NASCAR’s most beloved and successful drivers. With four Daytona 500 victories and three Winston Cup Championships, Yarborough is 5th on NASCAR’s all-time winners list! To celebrate Cale’s first Daytona 500 win, we are proud to offer this autographed 1968 Mercury Cyclone. Personally signed by Cale himself, his Wood Brothers racecar is masterfully replicated in diecast metal in this officially licensed “Legends” collectible. Lift the hood on #21 to view the intricately wired and detailed 427 cid V-8. Inspect the race ready interior and Goodyear slicks. Finished in authentic race day graphics with original sponsor decals and logos, this vintage NASCAR Cyclone is truly stunning!


Nov 28

Collecting Diecast Vehicles – A Fun Hobby for Children of All Ages

Almost everyone has played with diecast vehicles when they were young. As a kid, my friends and I collected Matchbox & Hot Wheels cars. It was fun to make race tracks and play zones at each of our houses and bring the cars from house to house. I remember having a holder that looked like a race car tire only smaller.  It could hold maybe 25-30 Hot Wheels cars in individual compartments that would prevent them from banging into each other during transport. We would play in the dirt with our diecast vehicles, racing them on dirt tracks that we would dig with tunnels, hills and bridges in the dirt. Most people probably lost or threw away their cherished childhood Hot Wheels and Matchbox diecast vehicles they had as young children, or they got lost like all of the other toys we had when we were young. Some people did manage to save them and these rare cars are probably quite valuable to diecast collectors.  Rarer still would be to find a vintage car that is in an unopened package that doesn’t have the battle scares accumulated from years of play.

Back then, the most common diecast cars were Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Today there are tons of different companies and they make diecast vehicles of every kind… cars, airplanes, construction vehicles, boats, military vehicles, and more. They also come in many different scales.  The most popular scales around today are 1:18 scale and 1:24 scale.  The smaller the second number in the scale – the larger the car.  For instance, a 1955 Ford in 1:18 scale will be about 12” long while a 1:24 scale replica of that same car will be about 9” long.  A 1:64 scale will be about 3” long – the size of a typical Hot Wheels or Matchbox car.  When first starting to collect diecast vehicles, you must decide which scale and types of cars you really want to collect because there are so many choices that you can’t possibly collect them all. 

That brings us to price.  Years ago, these cars were small (1:64 scale) and inexpensive.  Today, most of the cars are much larger, heavier and more expensive.  As a result, most diecast cars that collectors are searching for are no longer available in mass market toy stores or retail chains.  Today, your best bet for finding these cars is online, or through specialty toy and hobby shops if you have one in your area.

Once you start building up your diecast vehicle collection, you should consider getting a display case to show it off. If you have some talent and a few tools, you can easily build a display case in your garage or workshop.  Or you can always purchase nice quality display cases that are custom made to fit specific scale model diecast.  These are usually sold on the same web sites that offer the replicas. 

Good luck and happy collecting!

Nov 22

NASCAR Hall of Fame Replicas – 50% Savings

Wow – what an unbelievable deal.  50% Savings on the entire NASCAR 2011 Hall of Fame Class!

Lee Petty , Bobby Allison, Ned JarrettDavid Pearson and Bud Moore.

These officially licensed NASCAR diecast collectibles are precision crafted and highly sought after by race fans.

Hurry – we only have a few left and once they’re gone – they are gone forever!


Bobby Allison NASCAR Hall of Fame Diecast

Bobby Allison NASCAR Hall of Fame Diecast




Nov 16

Hot New Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Diecast Ford Torino

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR diecast 1978 Ford Torino

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR diecast 1978 Ford Torino with opening features

NASCAR diecast are some of the hottest collectibles on the market.  NASCAR fans have an insatiable appetite for replicas of their favorite driver’s cars.   In fact, the collectibles market has caught on to this and now issue special edition replicas in different paint schemes or graphics packages that differ for each race weekend.  You can also buy commemorative “race win” cars that exactly replica the winning car for each race.

 Talk about confusing.  This hotly contested collectibles market can be very challenging for the beginner to understand.  And very expensive for the devoted fan you wants to own every version of his favorite drivers car.

 For the NASCAR fan and collector, a good alternative is to start building a collection of historic drivers and cars from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.  These vintage racers are now being released as limited edition collectible diecast.  Some of the most famous names in racing are represented like Richard Petty, Fireball Roberts, Dale Earnhardt, Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison, Ned Jarret and Junior Johnson.  In fact, many of these cars can be purchased with authentic driver autographs on the car’s hood, roof or windshield. 

 Many of the hand autographed cars are limited editions in quantities ranging from 300-600 total.  These signature cars might cost more, but they certainly ensure collectability for the future!

 One car in particular that has sparked my interest is a 1978 Dale Earnhardt Ford Torino.  Now this car is not autographed (for obvious reasons) but it is one of the first NASCAR race cars that Dale drove…and it’s a Ford to boot!  This car dates back long before Earnhardt became known as “The Man in Black” for driving his black Goodwrench Chevy.  And that’s what makes this NASCAR diecast so collectible.  It is unique and different, but also represents one of the sport’s most recognizable drivers.

 You know him as “The Intimidator” and “The Man in Black” for driving his #3 Goodwrench Chevrolet.  But before his 1979 Rookie of the Year season, Dale Earnhardt raced this Cardinal Tractor 1978 Ford Torino in NASCAR’s premier Winston Cup series.  And race it he did, driving the Ford to his first ever Top 10 finish at Daytona.  Never before replicated, now you can own this historic Dale Earnhardt diecast.  Masterfully crafted with a wired V-8 under the hood.  Detailed roll cage, interior and window net.  Goodyear race slicks.  And all the original sponsor logos and graphics.  Don’t miss your chance to own the Ford that launched Dale Earnhardt’s career. 

If you’re looking for a great site that carries all of the historic NASCAR diecast collectibles – I would recommend http://www.Valuediecast.com.  With great pricing, selection and service they are a great resource for any diecast model car collector.

Nov 10

All New Ford F-150 diecast car model – in stock & ready to ship

If you haven’t seen Maisto’s new 1:27 scale Ford F-150 diecast car model you are missing out.  This replica is one of their finest in a long time.  The paint is incredibly smooth and glossy.  The doors open to reveal the highly detailed interior with bucket seats and Sync video display.  The bed is lined with a Ford Tough vinyl liner.  And the tailgate swings down just like the real truck.  This powerful Ford diecast truck replica is very well done and is priced right at only $25 on http://www.valuediecast.com

Here’s what Value Diecast has to say about it:  “Ford’s new F-150 pickup was a giant leap forward in truck technology. That’s why Motor Trend honored the F-150 with their Truck of the Year award. It’s no wonder. The Ford F-Series is America’s best selling truck since it was introduced back in 1948! Now park this magnificent 2011 F-150 STX in your diecast garage. With best in class towing, mileage and payload – this precision replica is built Ford Tough…just like the original. Complete with opening doors, functional tailgate and working steering. This American beauty is a must for every Ford collector.”Diecast Ford F-150 Pickup

Nov 09

Just In – Jimmy Johnson Autographed 1965 NASCAR diecast replica

Diecast collectors and NASCAR fans are both going to love this personally autographed 1965 Jimmy Johnson Ford Galaxie diecast model car.

This is a very limited edition diecast replica of Jimmy Johnson’s famous “Yellow Banana” NASCAR racer.   As a 2010 inductee to NASCAR’s Hall of Fame, Junior Johnson is a select member of NASCAR’s racing fraturnity.

Johnson won 50 NASCAR races as a driver in only 313 starts – an incredible win ratio for the man credited with inventing the “slingshot pass”.

As an owner – Junior Johson has won 6 NASCAR Championships and an addtional 139 races.  Here is what Value Diecast has to say about this new Jimmy Johnson autographed diecast replica…

Junior Johnson. Moonshine bootlegger turned NASCAR superstar! To dodge police during high speed chases, he invented the ‘Bootleg Turn’. Racing against much faster cars at Daytona, he invented ‘drafting’ and the ‘slingshot pass’ to win the 1960 Daytona 500. Now, you can own Junior’s famous 1965 Ford Galaxie ‘Yellow Banana’ race car. Meticulously hand built and absolutely authentic to the original. This individually numbered limited edition collectible is also personally inspected and autographed by Junior Johnson ‘right on the hood’! A masterpiece that will only appreciate in value.

Nov 06

A passion for diecast model car collecting

If you love cars like I do, then there is no better way to satisfy your passion than by collecting diecast model cars and trucks.

There are so many possibilities and so many choices. You can create a diecast car collection based on scale – 1:18 scale, 1:24 scale and 1:64 scale are popular sizes. Note that a 1:18 scale diecast car is larger (about 11″ long) than a 1:24 scale diecast (about 8″ long) and much larger than a 1:64 scale diecast (which is the size of a Matchbox or Hot Wheels car).

You can also collect by genre. Some people love to collect modern diecast cars that are available in dealer showrooms today. Others love to collect foreign diecast cars. My passion is for vintage American diecast cars. The old Packards and Studebakers. Vintage Ford and Chevy diecast replicas from the Fifties. And even classic Muscle Cars from the Sixties. They really get my motor rev’d up!

You can find diecast model cars as diverse as Ford’s Model T to Pontiac GTOs from the Sixties and of course no collection would be complete without a classic 1955 or 1957 Chevy Bel Air diecast model.

Cars are part of American culture and a unique expression of our individuality. So if you are looking for a fun activity and want to build a collection of your favorite cars, why not start a diecast car collection. It is a great activity and something fun to share with your children or grand children!

To help you get started – there is a great web site that offers terrific prices on diecast model cars.   Check it out…I think you’ll find something that may peak your interest in the hobby and help you start building a diecast replica collection of your own.